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"Some people will never understand how much someone can love a dog, but that’s okay the dog knows”

America is home to about 90 million dogs and it's easy to see why. If there’s one thing about dogs, they know how to make us humans happy. They sit when you say “sit”, they come when you say "come”, and they raise their paw to meet yours when asked just because they know you like it. These are animals that can drive a herd, guard a home, or nose out a felon in hiding, and yet still do these things just for our amusement.


Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated, making them our earliest pets. They are descended from two distinct wolf populations located in Europe and Asia approximately 20,000 years ago by some estimates. But more recently, a DNA study in 2017 found that dogs actually diverged from wolves roughly 40,000 years ago. We may not have the exact time that dogs became domesticated, but we definitely know why. We did not domesticate dogs, but rather the dogs changed themselves to adapt to us.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote “There are three faithful friends, an old wife, an old dog and ready money”. Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the most important thing in their universe. Not just because we are a resource to them, but because -- unlike humans -- dogs love unconditionally. They serve us every day they live and only ask for scraps and an occasional pet in return. Let's face it, we smother our beloved fur babies every chance we get. Just watch 5 minutes of Tik Tok or look at Instagram and Facebook and you can see that dogs are no longer just a canine companion. They are an essential part of our life and we simply could not live without them.


Just keep this in mind: a dog's life is seven years to our one. So even though we may think that being gone all day is no big deal, it has been seven days to your furry friend and not one. This goes for walks, play time, cuddles, and so on. So when they freak out at the front door when you get home from being gone for an hour, remember that it feels a lot longer for them. You are their everything and they are just expressing their love, faith and desire to be close to you. 

Heart My Fur Baby is a pet friendly boutique located in Sutter Creek. We are dedicated to supplying fun and unique items for your Fur Baby. Please feel free to bring your furry friends with you so they can be fitted for a hand-crafted bandana or pick out some treats and toys. We hope you will stop in with them at your side and see what great gifts and treats we offer for both you and your fur baby. 


Written by Desiree' Lundgren

Featured in the Ledger Dispatch