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I am getting a puppy, now what?

You finally did it!!! 
Congratulations on your new fur baby!
Puppies are so much fun, and I bet your excited. But first you must prepare yourself to be the best puppy parents.
Let’s start from the top shall we...
While we wait for your fur baby to arrive what can we accumulate now to be prepared? 
Preparing for his arrival
(For the sake of this post we will assume its a male puppy.)
  1.  proper size crate (if you're going to crate train, which I highly recommend) If your puppy will grow to be a large dog I recommend getting a large to Xlarge crate with a divider. He will eventually be big and will need the space, but for now, you will only give him enough space to get up and turn around in his crate. Any more room and he may soil his bed. This is what the divider is for. As your puppy grows the divider moves until it is removed all together. 
  2. Sherpa crate liner. This will help with comfort and muffle the noise of him shuffling around. 
  3. Crate cover. This will give your lil pup privacy and security.                                   
  4.   Place the crate in the room where he will sleep. Preferably next to the bed of the person who will be taking him out to go potty. (Rule of thumb. However, many months he is, times that by 2 and that is the maximum length of time he should be in his crate before someone takes him outside to his designated area to relieve them self. Even if he doesn’t want to go. Take him and wait till he goes. (Then place him back in his crate.) as he grows, teach him to sit and wait before allowing him to exit his crate. Teach him to sit and wait for the command. 
  5. Pick a vet closest to your home (best of the ones close to your home) make an appointment within a couple of days of your new puppy coming home. Have them start him on the puppy plan. If you can bring a fecal sample for them to test so you can be sure he is free of any parasites or worms. (the sample needs to be fresh and not much is needed) don’t forget, Till he is fully vaccinated. Do not place him on the ground anywhere other dogs have been. He will be fine in your house and yard but keep it to that if you are setting him down on the ground.
  6. Dog food. Will you do kibble, raw, a combo? Make sure to get the name of the current food he is on and if you are planning on changing it. Migrate the new food with the old so it doesn’t upset his tummy too bad. 
  7. Decide on who will be feeding him. It’s best to have a designated person for feeding. So, he will know this is the person that will provide his meals and therefore will not bug anyone else for feedings. Place food in his bowl. Whether it’s his food or you may be giving him a scrap of yours. Always place in bowl. Start to teach him to wait before diving into his bowl. Start teaching him to sit and wait till you give him the command to eat.  Typically, you will feed morning and night but if you can. Lunch is always nice especially when they are young and constantly growing and changing. I suggest giving water as well. When he is done with his food and water. Pull both. And within minutes he will be looking for a spot to pee or and poop. If you leave the water, he will just drink it all and then pee everywhere and it will be very frustrating for you to teach him where and when to potty. Have a designated spot where you want him to go and go to that spot and that spot only. As he gets older, he will understand that is where he needs to potty and won’t potty all over the yard. When he has an accident. Hopefully, you catch him. Just pick him up and take him to the designated potty area. Always praise and even offer a little treat (Sunday roast treats) when he successfully potty’s in his designated area. 
  8. Look into a trainer for basic and long-term dog training. 
Hes here he here.... now what? 
Now the fun begins. As well as the training and I’m not talking about the pup. 
You will be overwhelmed by his cuteness, but no one likes a huge cute dog with bad behaviors. Make a routine and stick to it. This will be the biggest payoff of all. Do not take your eyes off him. Block or gate anything that you want him to stay away from. Put things that are on the ground up for now if you can. Only have him play with things that he is supposed to play with. If he bites correct It by not giving him your hand to chew on. Instead give him a chew toy, bone or whatever he can chew on.  As he gets older and continues to want to bite. You may want to place your thumb in his mouth and press down on his tongue. And say no bite. Stop playing all together and walk away if he doesn’t stop.  He will get it. 
Don’t forget to play with his feet, his face, and ears. So, he will be used to being touched and not pull away during nail trims, ear cleanings, teeth cleanings and brushes. 
Brush daily for sure! This will keep his hair from becoming matted. Dogs that don’t shed. Matt easily and tend to be forced to be shaved because of the lack of grooming being done daily. 
If you do not want him on the furniture. Do not place him on it. Instead. Play on the ground or outside. 
I am huge on not having dogs in the kitchen. If you desire this as well. When he starts to understand. Do not let him cross a certain area. Have a spot where he is not supposed to cross over. This takes a little time but it’s another huge payoff when you do not have to worry about a furry friend all up in your business and under your feet while you're trying to cook or clean.  I also suggest not having his bowls in the kitchen. You can even feed him in his crate if you desire. He will know to go to his spot/crate when it’s time to eat. 
Does everyone have a designated job to help raise him to be a handsome successful polite dog? Even if the job is small everyone should partake in caring for him. Not only will he respect each of you for it. It will ensure that every hooman in his life will be spending time with him. Remember, walks, play time and even cuddles stimulate your boy, and he will feel loved and secure and not looking to get himself in trouble by finding negative ways to get attention. Another thing to always remember. Their lives go a lot faster than ours. They are 7 yrs to our 1.  So, everything is 7 times longer. If you skip a walk or play time. It feels minute to you, but it feels 7 times longer to them. 
Ever wonder why whenever you walk out the door and come back an hour later your furry friend is losing their mind upon you walking through the door? It’s because it feels so much longer to them than you. You are their everything and are the center of their universe. Try to remember that when you are tired and frustrated and want to skip a walk, play, or cuddle.
Don’t forget to mark your calendars for upcoming vet apts, especially during his first set of shots that will protect him from getting sick.  plan to neuter, chip and make sure you license him after he has received his rabies vaccination.  
In closing. Here are some fun facts! 
Did you know that dogs sweat Between their Toes and out their mouth? That’s why when they are hot, to cool themselves down they place their feet in water. 
Don’t be offended if your Fur Baby follows you to the bathroom and insists on hanging out with you while you do your business or sits outside the door for you to be done. 
In the wild. Dogs/wolves are at their most vulnerable state when they defecate. So, one of their pack members keeps a watch out for any predators. They are simply keeping watch for their pack leader. 
Do you ever wonder why dogs turn in a circle before laying down to go to sleep? 
In the wild. They will hide themselves in tall brush or weeds and by circling themselves into the brush it flattens it down so they can lay as low as possible for no other animals to see them.  
And there you have it!! Hope all these tips and tricks help they sure have helped me over the years and through many many fur baby's.