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Who is Heart My Fur Baby and the family behind the curtain?

Hello, My name is Desiree' Lundgren, owner and operator of HMFBCO. The "Lundee" family consists of 3 hoomans (me, Eric, my husband and step daughter Jainy) and our 6 beloved fur babys. Grace AKA devil pup, a white alaskan husky, Honey, my precious golden doodle, Charlie, our very smart, chubby adorable fluffy corgi, Kira, our beautiful big eared mutt and our two kitties, Oliver and Myschgin.

If you  haven't noticed by now, I am a huge dog lover! If you were to look at my photo gallery you would find pages and pages of photos of my fur babys, my friends fur babys, customers fur babys even random ones I just had to stop and take their pic!

Resigning from AT&T after 11 years of coaching and developing others, it was time for me to pursue my own passion. Opening a pet boutique in my home community was what I needed to do. I wanted a place where friends, family and visitors felt comfortable to bring their fur baby and shop with them by their side. ( its for them, they should have a say ;) It also allowed me to fulfill another passion that I never had time for and that is to volunteer my time at the local animal shelter and promote rescue and adoption to all the fur baby's that so desperately deserve a loving home.

I have met so many incredible fur baby's and their hoomans! being able to supply unique hand made items to all my guests has been so rewarding and I want to be able to do this for years to come! Buying from our boutique you are helping to keep a very needed place to continue to supply our beloved pets a place to come and enjoys the simple pleasures of being a dog. treats-kisses-praises. and in that order. It also allows me to supply all the adorable accessories that us hoomans love to put on our pets! ( as long as it makes us happy it makes them happy. They are funny that way ;) 

So whether you are shopping on line or stopping in to purchase in person I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to do what I was destined to do. Spend my days with dogs and their smiling faces and wiggly butts!